One assistant for all other AIs

We develop an address system for voice assistants and chatbots. With you always speak to the best voice AI available.


Standards to exchange human language across all AIs

We provide voice AIs a simplified grammar to exchange information about human language in a standardized format.

This solves bias in AI. Voice assistants can lookup other voice assistants, if they cannot respond to a request themself.

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A new standard for voice AI interoperability

We provide AIs a standardized language to process voice-based user requests. Voice AIs like smart speakers and voice assistants lookup other AIs to forward user commands.

55bn AIs vs. 5bn users - how will they speak?

Voice AI bias is a problem with two dimensions: (1) input: Every user speaks slightly different (accents, slang, vocabularies). (2) Interpretation: Every AI is designed for a different use case. Needed is a protocol to exchange information about voice commands both humans and machines agree on.

To overcome bias, AIs use a shared encoding for voice commands

Bias is a problem in AI. Worldwide ca. 1200+ voice AIs compete accross languages and use cases. Every user has an individual speaking style too. makes voice commands exchangable by providing voice AIs a standardized language to encode the intent.

A simplified language to exchange voice commands between AIs makes NLP privacy-by-design: Instead of full-text and audio files of voice commands, only a simplfied version of the intent is exchanged between voice AIs.

Phone numbers and URLs had to be invented - now it's time for an Internet of Voice establishes a shared registry of voice AI services. We are the first-ever phone book for intents in AI.

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AIs exchange & forward voice commands enables voice assistants to forward user requests to the best AIs available

The idea is based on Noam Chomsky's theory about "hard-wired" Universal Grammar

We provide voice AI ecosystems a shared e-commerce architecture

We create a simplified language across all AIs


Bias - every voice AI interprets language in a slightly different way.


We provide voice AIs a shared cataolog to process language.


Voice AIs can lookup each other and forward language-based requests.

Protocols for AI interoperability 

Instead of full-text speech commands, AIs store only a simplified version of the voice command. This encoding is pricacy-by-design and protects user information.

Users always speak to the best AI available 

Fast localization

AIs can be faster exchanged to meet local market demands

Better UX

Users always speak to the best voice AI available

Monetize language

Infinite access to new voice AI business models 

Privacy by design

AIs only store simplified versions of voice commands  

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